intensive course packages

Choose from a range of intensive driving lessons which are customisable to your needs and abilities. Doncaster intensive specialist instructors offer tailored tuition using a manual or automatic car.

Learning to drive with an intensive driving course has key advantages. Firstly, saving time as you’ll be learning over a matter of days instead of months, or even over a year. Intensives are very popular for people which are looking to learn quickly and with a less fuss solution.

Secondly, we find information and skills stay fresh in the minds of learners and with this confidence begins to grow quickly whilst behind the wheel.

Our driving lessons follow an easy to learn structure. This is adaptable to suit each pupils individual requirements. Tuition uses modern best practises, the Highway Code and DVSA syllabus.

Driving Course Options

40 hour course

This course package is aimed for learners who are at the beginning stages of their driving lessons. An ideal starting point for people who had just have a few hours of training with a driving instructor. You should be able to demonstrate basic practical car control and procedures on the road.

30 hour course

If you’re at the intermediate stages having around 10 to 15 hours behind the wheel, this is an ideal package to get started. For this lesson package you should have already completed covering the basics and have a reasonable understanding for how to deal with basic junctions and roundabouts. Pupils should also be comfortable with driving in light to medium levels of traffic and covered some aspects of reversing a car.

20 hour course

For pupils approaching the advanced learner stages with at least 25 hours lessons experience. This driving course package is for people with good car control who are comfortable driving in traffic displaying good forward planning skills. You should also be able to demonstrate reasonable reversing abilities and have a good understanding for signs, signals, road markings and priorities.

Beginners Started Package

This course is designed for people with no previous experience and prepares them for taking an intensive driving course. It introduces best practises and routines at the beginner level. Pupils will learn how to confidently move off, stop the car safely, steer, clutch control and change the gears. A perfect way on your way to passing with an intensive course.

Additional training with pass plus

After successfully achieving a well earned driving test pass, this is a good time to take your skills to the next level with the Pass Plus driving course. This is a short course which has no end test. It help to improve your safety, awareness and planning even further. You could also get a discount on your car insurance once completed.

The reason for Pass Plus is because inexperienced drivers are vulnerable drivers who are more at risk to being involved in a motoring accident. This course helps to reduce this risk. As a qualified driver you’ll experience driving with your instructor without the l-plates. We’ll give you all the guidance you need to fit in with traffic and complete the course assessment.

Intensive Driving School Network

We have our own team instructor team and also work alongside RH Driving School Doncaster Team. By combining our knowledge and resources we are able to offer excellent value and quality tuition services. They have a team of talented skilled driving instructors who are able to provide both manual car and automatic car driving lessons in Doncaster.

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