Getting Started With Intensive Lessons

A Simple way To Start Driving with an Intensive Course

The best way to get started here is with an assessment drive with a specialist intensive driving instructor in Doncaster. This is a good way for you to find out what intensive car training requires and for us to plan your intensive lessons better for first time success.

This lesson is 90 minutes and during the drive your instructor can assess what you can do, knowledge of the highway code and how quickly you can develop skills on the road.

After this session we can than offer good advise and tailor a course of intensive driving lessons to suit your learning abilities.

driving course, getting ready

Firstly, you must have a valid UK provisional driving licence, you can apply for one here.¬†You will also need to pass your driving theory test before starting an intensive driving course. We offer FREE online theory training to get you rapidly on track. You’ll need pass this in order to book a practical driving test. Test dates vary and need to be booked well in advance. We recommend booking the driving test early, then arranging lessons to work up the date. This way you are much more likely to get a suitable test date and be better prepared for passing.

Generally, intensive lessons are better suited for people who have had some previous practical driving lessons in the past. However, if you are a complete beginner we can help with a few recommended standard lessons initially with us.